The aerodrome

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We are committed to a real sustainable development policy, aimed to keep the impact of our activities on the environment under control. The airport operators' goal is to manage public infrastructures in a sustainable way.

This environmental policy is part of a global approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the airport's activities above and beyond regulatory requirements.


We are committed to respecting the following principles:

1.     Preventing and controlling pollution risks

2.     Continually improving our environmental performance

3.     Complying with regulations and internal procedures


The objectives are focused in the following areas:

1. Controlling and reducing energy consumption

2. Improving waste management 
Sorting at least 50% of waste

3. Raising awareness and publicising our approach
100% of our staff are aware of the approach

4. Preventing and controlling pollution risks
Recording and responding to all complaints

5. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (especially CO2):
Making a commitment to reducing emissions year after year
Our aim is to obtain the Airport Carbon Accreditation