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Easily book a flight, a hotel, a rental car with Aix les Milles airport

Choose your plane ticket at a low price thanks to the search engine of our partner Aéroports Voyages. Select your departure airport, the list of destinations served by direct flights is automatically displayed. Once you have chosen your destination, the calendar tells you exactly, in green, days of operations. Other days are usually available with connecting flights. You save your time and get straight to the point!

What kind of flights is operated to and from Aix-Les-Milles airport ?

Aix les Milles airport specializes in private flights. There are no commercial flights. However, we offer you this new search engine to help you organize your trip, whatever your journey. That's also part of Edeis airports customer service philosophy.

Accredited by the DGAC (French General Civil Aviation Authority), Aix les Milles airport welcomes flying clubs such as Provence Aviation. It also proposes initiations and flying trainings for individuals and companies, providing a personalized follow-up throughout the training. The aerodrome has school planes such as the PS-28 Cruiser F-HESA 2-seater or the DA 20 F-GHTE, travel aircraft such as Dynamic WT9 and an aerobatic aircraft. The airport runway can receive carriers up to 30 tons.

An efficient and competitive travel booking service

Our partner Aéroports Voyages team-up with leading tourism professionals in Europe. The service behind each engine tab, such as flights, flights + hotel, hotels or car rental is ensured by a specialist of each sector. Negotiated rates, online quote, free changes or cancellations, you get all the benefits offered by these professionals. Try the experience and find all relevant information online!

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Aéroports-Voyages specializes in booking services and helps you find the best deals from your airport. Book and receive by e-mail important information for your trip.

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Aeroports Voyages, the airport travel specialist